Airfoil is a pioneering design agency focusing on Web3, crypto, and blockchain, making waves in the industry by providing invaluable support to startups and founders worldwide.

In a recent exclusive interview by Attirer, the co-founder and CEO of Airfoil, Phil Hedayatnia, shares insights into their journey, vision, and the challenges and opportunities they foresee in the rapidly evolving Web3 landscape. Our goal is to equip you with the essential knowledge required to navigate the constantly evolving landscape of blockchain technology and its diverse applications.

Airfoil is a pioneering Web3 design agency

Empowering Innovation in Web3

Airfoil has contributed to more than 150 projects since its inception in 2019. Notable collaborations include projects with Solana Labs, NEAR Foundation, Uniswap, Zeta Markets, Euler, Bonfire, Thala Labs, Certora, and MarginFi. Airfoil takes a holistic approach, guiding founders from the initial concept to the hypergrowth stages. Their services encompass product design, branding, illustration, user testing, frontend/backend engineering, and go-to-market support.

Building a Collaborative Ecosystem

The uniqueness of Airfoil lies in its commitment to early-stage founders. They work closely with startups on product design, branding, engineering, and go-to-market strategy. Airfoil often goes beyond traditional consulting by taking equity stakes in partner companies, ensuring long-term support and mutual growth. Phil Hedayatnia explained that Airfoil also facilitates connections among their partner companies, fostering collaborations and synergies within their ecosystem.

Challenges and Opportunities in Web3

Phil Hedayatnia highlighted the challenges early-stage founders face in the Web3 space. He emphasized the industry's dynamic nature, with constant shifts in blockchain technology, service providers, and consumer preferences. The challenge lies in predicting the right ideas and the timing of their adoption.

Reflecting on lessons from Web2, he discussed the importance of focusing on near-term applications and real-world use cases. Hedayatnia cited examples such as stablecoin adoption for international money transfers, stressing the need to address immediate pain points while building for the future.

The Role of Blockchain in Reshaping Industries

Phil Hedayatnia shared his insights on the role of blockchain in traditional industries. He emphasized blockchain's potential in scenarios where multiple actors must coordinate and trust a neutral platform. For instance, Phil mentioned a project involving major Canadian banks using blockchain to share credit scoring data securely. He also highlighted how blockchain can enhance identity verification and notarization systems, citing the example of Singapore's SingPass.

Airfoil's Vision for 2024

Ian Choe (Head of Business Development), Min Kim (Head of Design & GM) and Phil Hedayatnia (Founder & CEO), Airfoil Studio.

Looking ahead to 2024, Airfoil is diversifying its offerings. It launched divisions like Airfoil Raise, Airfoil Labs, and Airfoil Talent to support founders further. Airfoil Raise connects startups with a network of quality investors, globally leveling the fundraising playing field. Airfoil Labs focuses on incubating new projects, and Airfoil Talent helps companies find the right creative professionals when they're ready to scale.

Airfoil is uniquely positioned to provide comprehensive support throughout a startup's journey, from inception to mass scale. This suite of services aims to transform the industry and expedite the path to mass adoption.

With its unwavering commitment to fostering innovation in Web3, crypto, and blockchain, Airfoil is undoubtedly a key player in the evolution of these technologies. The insights shared by Phil Hedayatnia shed light on the challenges and opportunities in this dynamic space and inspire the wider tech community.

About Airfoil

Airfoil embarked on its mission in 2019 to be a founder-friendly design agency. Since then, they have grown into a formidable team of 50 professionals across Toronto, San Francisco, Seoul, Singapore, Amsterdam, and remote locations. Their core objective is to help visionary entrepreneurs bring transformative ideas in commerce, work, education, and beyond to fruition.

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